Thursday, November 16, 2006

November 2006 Author Talk: Building on Student Diversity

Joy R. Cowdery, Linda Ingling, Linda E. Morrow, and Vicki A. Wilson of the Muskingum College Education Department talk about their newly published textbook, Building on Student Diversity: Profiles and Activities. Their book includes profiles and cumulative folders of six diverse children used to help students learn about diversity in the classroom. Activities in the book help teacher candidates recognize and understand a wide range of cultures and abilities, design instructional activities and assessments that meet the needs of all students, and communicate with families.

Friday, October 20, 2006

October 2006 Author Talk: Dr. Sandra Schroer

Sandra Schroer, Assistant Professor of Sociology, discusses her recent book State of "‘The Union": Marriage and Free Love in the Late 1800s. Schroer's book is part of Routledge Studies in American Popular History and Culture series.

October 2006 Author Talk: Dr. Jennifer Trost

Jennifer Trost, Visiting Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, discusses her book Gateway to Justice: the Juvenile Court and Progressive Child Welfare in a Southern City. Trost'’s book is part of the series, Studies in the Legal History of the South, published by the University of Georgia Press.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 2006 Author Talk: Dr. Todd Lekan

Dr. Todd Lekan, Associate Professor of Philosophy, is the author of Making Morality : Pragmatist Reconstruction in Ethical Theory, published in 2003. "Drawing on the work of John Dewey, Lekan asserts that moral norms are neither timeless truths nor subjective whims, but habits transmitted through practices," from an unattributed review.

April 2006 Author Talk: Dr. Andre DeCuir

Dr. Andre DeCuir, Associate Professor of English, will discuss two plays he has written. Vecchio's Last Painting was submitted to a contest for one-acts for teen actors. Heirlooms was written for a contest in which the plays could be no longer than a page and are performed in an airport.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 2006 Author Talk: Roger Pickenpaugh

Roger Pickenpaugh, Shenandoah Middle School teacher, is the author of River On A Rampage: The 1936 Flood from Chester to Marietta, and other books about Ohio floods.